Pet Transportation

International Pet Transportation

This may involve import permits, MAF Health Certificates and specific cage requirements.  We are a MAF registered Pet Transporter.

With so many Country, Airline and Governmental requirements it is best that you make contact with us as early as possible  to ensure adequate time to complete the pre-export requirements.
We hire and sell cages (hire cages are only available for pets travelling to Australia). 

Dogs and cats come in many sizes and so too do the cages we provide.  Any size of wooden dog or cat cage can be provided and it will be compliant with I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association), individual Airline, Country and Government rules and regulations.

All international cages and crates have a water container an external funnel fitted to permit watering in transit. For their own safety pets must be secure in their cages, unable to escape or protrude any part of their body through air vents or grills.

Members of the public are no longer able to approach airlines and organise their own transport for their pets. This can only be done by us as we are an approved pet transport operator.

In order to complete your booking we will need to have some information about your pet Organising Your Pets Transport



Domestic Pet Transportation

When looking to transport your pets within New Zealand, we provide door-to-door / airport-to-airport services.

Domestic Travel Services include:
  • Pick-up
  • Boarding where required
  • Cage hire [Door to door, airport to airport services]
  • Air Fare/ Airline booking
  • Delivery to door at destination

Within New Zealand, pets an be moved with only 24 hours notice.  However the more notice that you can provide the more certain that we can meet your requirements.

In order to book we will need to have some information about your pet.


Our Tasks as Pet Transporters

An export certificate for your pet is required and for some destinations an import permit will be necessary.

A veterinary check is mandatory, and depending on the destination of your pet this may be carried out by a local MAF approved vet or it may require for your pet in its new air travel cage to visit an official Government MAF vet office.

Pets traveling to the United Kingdom will require a microchip to be inserted and a rabies vaccination in order to conform to the PETS Passport scheme. We can advise you further about this.

Animals must be booked onto a flight within a certain period, an Air Waybill calculated, airport documentation for the flight must be completed and your pet picked up by us and delivered to the appropriate airline at the correct time.


It is not recommended that sedation be used for your pet on international flights and we strongly suggest that you consult with your local veterinary specialist.

We are available to answer any questions you have about the transport of your pet and you will find email and phone details on our contact page.