Kritta Krates

We supply wooden and plastic cages for our clients International travel.

We manufacture cages and, being accredited Pet transport agents will organise both National and International transport for your pets.
Our cages are made to International Specifications for the safety and comfort of your animals and are intended for air travel use only! 

Kritta-Krates can advise you on the procedure and supply you with a free quote for transporting your pet to its destination where ever it may be, subject to certain protocol of some airlines...

Ventilation is plentiful with air holes along the sides and a strong galvanized mesh door and rear panel.  Wooden side bars ensure ample ventilation even when pushed against other articles.

Other features include double hasp and staple catches on the larger cages, with single hasps on the smaller ones, together with a safety toggle button, rust proof hinges and nylon rope carry handles make up the cage.

All cages are manufactured in strict accordance with International Air Transport Association (I.A.T.A.) regulations.


Cat Cage

Lightweight and strong, our cages are extremely durable, and have proved to be a popular choice for those people with air travelling felines. Kritta-Krates cat cages are manufactured to a high standard and as with dog cages, are made to International Air Transport Association (I.A.T.A) specifications with the animals safety and comfort in mind during air travel. Compliance of I.A.T.A regulations are controlled by M.A.F in New Zealand. Cages can be supplied to suit extra-large animals upon request and will be priced accordingly, but in the main a general standard size suits most animals. 

Double Cage

Double cages are designed and manufactured by us for pets who are 'Good Friends' e.g. 2 cats or 2 pups. The pets are seperated by mesh and although not being able to touch each other they can still enjoy the close companionship of seeing and lying next to each other. Each half of the cage has its own door and water bowl. Manufactured by Kritta-Krates. Pet Transport to the same high standard as our single cages, our double cages are a popular choice when exporting 2 small pets of the same species.

Dog Cage

Made with International and National flight travel in mind, these cages are transportable on all larger aircraft. Special cages for very large dogs can be made, but please be aware, although these will fit onto larger aircraft they may not fit on smaller ones. We can advise you on this.

Measurements of your dog are important as cages are made to suit your animal. The animal must be able to sit, stand, turn around and lie down with minimum room to spare in case of turbulence.

A smaller dog may get injured in a cage too large for it, and a larger dog pushed into a cage too small speaks for itself.

If your dog is in a cage too small for it either M.A.F or their air cargo staff of any airline may refuse to board the cage.

If you have supplied to us the correct measurements of your dog on the measurement form page on our website, we at Kritta-Krates will guarantee that the cage we manufacture and supply to you will meet all criteria for your flight.

Once you have obtained the 4 measurements, you can send the sizes to us and a free quotation will be returned to you.

Bird Cage

Bird cages can be purchased for international air travel. Bookings must be made in advance for Christmas and School holiday periods as demand is great.